In a very persuasive op-ed, Megan Willett makes the argument that despite popular belief, Asian eyelid surgery is not about trying to conform to the beauty standards of the western world. In fact Willet argues that eyelid surgeries in Asia are actually about trying to look more Asian.

The overall look that many are hoping to achieve with their eyelid surgeries is to have more open, alert eyes, unlike the double eyelids of the West. The Asian eyelid procedures make the eyes look larger by inserting a small crease above the eye.

Of course, there are several different types of eyelid procedures that vary depending on what the person is looking for. Another eyelid procedure involves removing extra skin around the eyes. All of these techniques tend to be less invasive then eyelid surgeries in the West.

Here is a before and after picture of Zhang Ding Ling in 2007 after she received what is known as a "double eyelid surgery."

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