There they go again -- designers inspired by the styles of ten, twenty and thirty years ago have decided this is the right time for hemlines on skirts and dresses to edge lower. It’s a street fashion jungle out there; some guidance would be great. Let’s see how our friends across the Asia Region are styling these pieces, and making long dresses and skirts their own.

What is the trend that has everyone talking, and what makes it different now?

A) Knee-length

B) Midi–length

C) Maxi–length

D) Multiple lengths and layers

E) All of the above

Hint: It's not just one style, or one hem length. Long skirts don't automatically mean "vintage" or old fashioned, either. Correct answer is E. This trend includes all different lengths, designs and silhouettes.

Korean actress Park Shin Hye (Heirs, Flower Boy Next Door) recently teamed up with Japanese actor Miura Haruma (Hours of My Life, Last Cinderella) in a photo shoot for Ceci Magazine. She looks pretty in a blush pink full cut skirt with layers of silk and taffeta, white blouse, sweater, and matching shoes with ankle socks. He is handsome wearing a lightweight brown suit and cream white shoes.

Photo credit: Park Shin Hye International Fanclub | 박신혜 국제 팬클럽

A clue as to why these looks are fresh and new now can be found in the questions that come up about them... What’s the best way to wear these fuller cut skirts and dresses? What length is right for the event I’m going to? Just because my bias rocked the dress in that photo shoot, should I be wearing it? These looks are popular again because the focus is on "fit" -- with the occasion, with the accessories, with the physique and attitude of the fashion end user. When everything fits, these looks become super-charged, and the wearer simply shines.

This model is wearing a colorful skirt in a floral pattern. The hem length is very complimentary to her. It’s not calf-length; it’s not a maxi. Hovering somewhere “in between,” midi length skirts emphasize the vertical and promote the illusion of tallness. Shoes are perfectly visible so choose wisely. The waist is highlighted. Pleats can add up to a lot of material, though. By limiting the top to a solid color tank, she achieves balance.

Photo credit: Xiaolizi Fashion at

The clothing designer’s name is Chang. He and his team are based in Jiaozuo, China. The “team” is family. They make and sell beautiful handmade creations online, under the name Xiaolizi Fashion. [Get that Look]

Chloe (below) is a fashion blogger, model and traveler. She is of Chinese descent, grew up on Brunei, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Below she explores a way to style this pale pink dress with a high neckline for simple daytime elegance. She chooses white platform sandals, a bracelet and loose hair worn down.

Photo credit:

The model’s dress below could be called “open concept.” This sleeveless dip-back linen dress is loose, relaxed and comfortable. The hem falls just below the knee, but overall is a bit free-form and unstructured. This is a dress suitable for most body types and heights. She adds jewelry, a hat, sunglasses, black sandals, to become instantly "put together." Louis Vuitton bag is packed. Ready to go! [Get that Look]

Photo credit: YES STYLE

The next look features a blush-colored dress with A-Line skirt and horizontal ribbon detailing. The skirt is a knee length, ribbon-trimmed sheer skirt in two layers. This look hints of royalty! Sleeves are embroidered, and the high neckline features a pearl collar. One of the nice things about this design is the emphasis on the waistline. It is a feminine and slimming dress. [Get that Look]

Photo credit: YES STYLE

San Diego-based fashion & beauty blogger Ahn Ne Mai today wears a beautiful wrap skirt in gunmetal gray, made all the more interesting because of its gentle body hugging folds and two distinct lengths: higher on her right side and lower all the way to the ankle, on her left. A maroon felt hat with a wide brim and shoulder bag completes this beautiful individualist outfit.

Photo credit: Asian Impressions Photography / Asian Street Style & Fashion

Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun (My Love From Another Star) did a photo shoot for the April 2014 issue of Harper's Bazaar. She looks classic and polished in this sea foam-colored midi dress and midi-length navy coat with matching sandals.

Photo credit:

Idol SoHyun of the Korean K-pop group 4Minute did a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine's April 2014 issue. This outfit signals playfulness and fun. The multi-colored skirt is high-waisted; it goes very well with the white sailor design crop top and cap.

Photo credit:

The model below seems positively angelic in this chiffon layered midi dress in lavender by Xiaolizi Fashion. White sandals add sophistication and elegance. [Get that Look]

Photo credit: Xiaolizi Fashion at

This Hong Kong couple was spotted as they were out and about for the evening. She wears a skirt in gun metal gray with pleats. The skirt almost reaches to her ankles. That skirt is a lot of fabric! She balances it with a white tank top and scarf. It becomes a balanced and very comfortable outfit. They complete the Asian couple profile by coordinating their looks - a pretty common practice that is rather nice to see!

Photo credit: YES STYLE

The final look features a model who is all smiles in this sleeveless black V-neck dress gathered at the waist, with a slit down the front. She loves her camo clutch in deep gray, hat and sunglasses. The length of the dress is beautiful – almost to the ankles. She wears black open-toed sandals to complete this smart, fun look.

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Which looks caught your eye? Are any outfits new and fresh, vintage, or out of your comfort zone? Leave your comments below!

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