For all those who have places to go and things to do, all while dealing with changing weather patterns, reshuffled schedules, popup problems needing immediate attention, and a lunch break that won’t happen until 2pm, you’ll need the right jacket, sweater, or hoodie to move through the day with exceptional confidence and style.

Here are some great looks that should provide inspiration for getting prepared and well outfitted for the days ahead. Keep an open mind. These outfits for everyday come from a wide range of people who are dressing themselves respective their tasks at hand. These can include office professional, student, shopkeeper, parent, aspiring idol, best friend, entrepreneur, poet or skateboarder.

Think of it this way: you’re standing at the corner of a major Asian city intersection and all kinds of people are going by. Everyone's look won’t appeal to you, but it should be interesting to see how others have taken a basic jacket or sweater and built a whole look around it. Now, as anyone who has visited or lived in one of these cities knows, crosswalks can be very large and fast moving, so stick close as we navigate through a sample of what's out there.

There is something about a white blazer that just stands out. It seems to have a kind of special aura. Below she wears hers over a striped top, denim shorts, white leggings and off white ankle boots. The forest green ankle socks match her beret. The leather handbag in a cream yellow is a nice touch that balances the overall look.

Photo credit: itsmestyle

Below left, her over-sized sweater, pencil jeans or leggings, and statement strap boots add up to an iconic look associated with Korean fashion. Hat and handbag in black complete this black and white outfit that has a bit of an edge to it. Below right, she looks unrushed and relaxed in her own over-sized pale pink cardigan, gray top, white shorts and boots. The muted colors lend a softness and lightness to that outfit.

Photo credits: itsmestyle

Korean ulzzang model Park Tae Jun shows us two looks a lot of guys are liking. These are adjustable to one's mood and to do list. On the darker side: charcoal gray hoodie with jeans and combat boots. On the lighter side: a pale gold sweater is paired with distressed black jeans.

Photo credits: Park Tae Jun on Tumbler

Happiness is a denim jacket! A patterned top and colorful headband make this look complete.

Photo credit: luxurydolly on Tumbler

For these two, the jackets are different but the attitude and love of platform shoes are the same. BFF on the left chooses a faded denim jacket over a one piece striped dress, while BFF on the right prefers a white tank top, high waisted denim shorts and thigh-length box cut jacket with an attention-getting pattern.

Photo credit: korean-street-style

Roll through the day with minimal distractions by keeping your look simple. Below he wears a knit sweater, black slacks, green jacket and camo scarf. Sneakers, sunglasses, watch…all selected with more care than you’d think.

Photo credit: Seoul Street Fashion 2014 by MINSOO

Yoon Eun Hye, popular Korean model and actress (Lie to Me, Coffee Prince), looks ready for anything the day may bring. She wears a tapered khaki jacket, faded brushed denim jeans, print top, muted scarf in a soft gray leopard print to match her hair color! Now this is Asian street style at its best.

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Two guys and a girl contemplate the day ahead wearing separates in the same color scheme: black, white, gray and khaki. Note the skirt she wears is actually two in one. Her pleated mini-skirt has an overlay of long sheer fabric (a nod to the lace and sheer fabric trend covered in the last installment).

Photo credit: Sol-Sol Fashion

Talented vocalist Baekhyun, member of the K-pop group EXO, pauses from a busy rehearsal schedule to be photographed in a practical and stylish hooded lightweight rain jacket in a chocolate-caramel color.

Photo credit: EXOFID

Every season there seems to be at least one Asian drama that also happens to be something of a fashion parade with actors and actresses changing into pretty amazing clothes on a frequent basis. The 2014 drama Sly and Single Again (or Cunning Single Lady) falls into this category.

Below, Lee Min Jung plays the role of Na Ae Ra. In this scene she wears a bold leopard print jacket in a muted gray color. The white cuffs transform it into a polished jacket suitable for the workplace.

Photo credit: Korean Drama Fashion

Joo Sang Wook plays the role of computer geek turned successful technology company CEO Cha Jung Woo. This character usually wears well-tailored dark suits to his executive office, but in this scene he has come to work looking and feeling like a "V-VIP" in his plaid shirt and persimmon colored suit jacket and tie.

Photo credit: DramaFever

Seo Kang Joon plays Gook Seung Hyun, who also has a gorgeous wardrobe! In this shot he makes wearing gray from head to toe work well.

Photo credit: Korean Drama Fashion

Kim Myung Soo (L) plays Secretary Gil. This character switches between smart-looking suits and stylish sweaters like this one.

Photo credit: Korean Drama Fashion

Back on the city streets of Seoul, the next model shows us another outfit in basic black, white and gray but with quite fashionable details. A lightweight soft gray sweater (again in a leopard print) covers a graphic shirt, distressed black denim shorts, black leggings, black leg warmers and red lace up boots. Her glasses, in a gray tortoise shell pattern, complement this look perfectly.

Photo credit: itsmestyle

This 19-year-old student is often spotted around the Harajuku vicinity of Tokyo. Acting as a role model for the next generation of teenagers that flock to this vicinity, she is well known for her influential fashion sense. She wears a quilted black leather jacket, graphic top, and white pleated skirt. Her wooden platform shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell. She carries a drawstring bag that is a Paris brand.

Photo credit: Tokyo Fashion

We finish in a major shopping district of Seoul with a look that is once again relaxed yet polished. She wears a classic navy blazer over a button down pin stripe shirt, denim shorts and lace up ankle boots. Her brown leather shoulder bag is just right for a casual meeting with friends.

Photo credit: itsmestyle

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