The trend we’re exploring in this installment of Asian Street Fashion is clothing with slightly see through, peek-a-boo and barely there elements that make them eye catching and feminine without being too revealing. This report leans towards more sweet, less spicy looks suited for everyday wear, but you can season them to taste.

When top tier designers released their garment collections in 2013 and 2014, the race was on to translate many of those rich, embellished runway looks into current, wearable street fashions in Asia and around the globe.

Here are examples of clothing designs from this year and last that were likely responsible for kicking off this current trend:

Upper left: Valentino, Upper right: Burberry, Lower left: Temperley London, Lower right: Dolce and Gabbana

Photo credit: Fashion Details on Pinterest

What has come through the fashion pipeline and onto Asian city streets are polished, pretty outfits with unique attention to detail.

They are definitely eye-catching but not too revealing. How will we recognize outfits inspired by this trend? Look for suggestions of see-through, hints of riskiness and adventure, and whispers of beautiful lace and soft chiffon. The nuances are in the lace trim on sleeves and skirt hems, chiffon or lace layers, and sheer mesh or lace fabrics on skirts, tops, and blouses.

Our first stop is Asian metropolis Hong Kong, where we’ll take a look at trending looks worn by blogger and fashion model Mayo Wo.

Here Mayo wears a pink and white striped top with white skirt and fine cotton overlay in a pinstripe pattern. Heels with sheer white ankle socks and a brimmed hat complete the look.

Photo credit: Mellow Mayo on Instagram

Next, Mayo wears a pastel mint green cotton top rolled up to below the elbows, white skirt with lace overlay, lavender ankle socks and matching mary jane shoes.

Photo credit: Mellow Mayo on Instagram

What would be best for days when skies turn gray because the rainy season has arrived? Pretty shoes in cheerful colors will do the trick. Below Mayo's shoes are by Minna Parikka, a Finnish designer. They go well with her yellow sleeveless blouse that has a chevron design in front, and white skirt with lace overlay.

Photo credit: Mello Mayo

The next look emphasizes simple separates in Earth tones. The white blouse with a pearl collar and crocheted sleeves, soft brown faux leather skirt, clutch, ankle socks and pumps are understated but gorgeous.

Photo credit:

Mayo makes an incredible impression wearing this burgundy colored blouse with sheer sleeves tucked into the same brown skirt we saw earlier.The lace ankle socks and matching cream colored pumps really make this outfit a standout!

Photo credit: Mello Mayo

We're leaving Hong Kong and entering uncharted fashion territory. Below, a see-through bodice meets a sportswear wrap skirt. It might be possible to spot a look like this in Okinawa, where cultures and trends mix in a curious, unexpected mix of East and West...

Photo credit: Enchanted Coquettes on

The Korean model below wears a pretty white blouse with elbow length lace sleeves and cute shorter length pastel pink skirt with mesh overlay. Totally feminine and lovely.

Photo Credit: KoreanFashion on Facebook

Now we’re in Japan! Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, to be exact. This street fashion features a printed t shirt, jeans jacket and longer length full pink skirt (another trend to explore later) with elegant sheer overlay. Both the park and the model are all decked out and looking pretty for Spring.

Photo credit: SweetStyle via

Our next model from Japan wears a poker face and an all-black ensemble: black jacket over a crop top with see-through sleeves and midriff, skirt with lace detailing, and black brimmed hat. Red pumps and matching lipstick make this a put together look for an evening out on the town.

Photo credit: Yes-Asian

Korean singer Juniel (Choi Jun-hee) wears a pretty striped top that is stylish and colorful, just right for someone her age.

Photo credit: Pinterest via Soompi

From the 2014 Korean drama Bride of the Century, actress Yang Jin Sung strikes a pose as the beautiful Yi Kyung in a black dress with delicate lace detailing at the neckline and bodice. Pictured with her is Lee Hong Ki as Choi Kang Ju.

Photo credit: Pinterest

SPICY: Our model on the left wears a see-through sheer flower zip jacket.

SWEET: Model on the right wears a blouse with beautiful detailing at the bottom.

Photo credits: koreanfashionstore

Our last look has a soft pale sea foam colored sweater as the main star. The top and sleeves feature a looser knit that provides sheerness without revealing too much. It’s a beautiful piece that can be worn with jeans, capris or a patterned skirt.

Photo credit: ギャルファッションGyaru (Gal) Fashion

Which of these looks is your favorite? Leave your comments below!

LilySuzuki is an American who lived in Japan for 6 years and considers Tokyo a second home. She also worked in Bali, Indonesia for 2 years, and is now a blogger on Asian cultures and trends. She is a huge fan of Kpop, Jpop, anime and Korean dramas.

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