Here in the States this day marks the beginning of a holiday weekend.For many this means taking a trip.Across the nation right now, people are printing out online boarding passes, packing suitcases, sitting on said suitcases to close them, and lining up home, plant and pet sitters.

A plane trip can bring three types of travelers to the airport: 1) Famous people who want to get from Point A to Point B, quietly and in stealth, mode, able to avoid stirring up emotions or having personal privacy compromised;2) Famous and no so famous people who want to be noticed so they act in such a way that focuses attention on them; 3) Everybody else.

Celebrities and non-celebs alike familiar with airport transit know getting through the airport (a real ordeal for some) and meeting their respective objectives hinges on planning, wardrobe and behavior. Learn from some famous frequent flyers as well as unnamed travelers who showcase examples of airport fashion do’s and don’ts for enjoying a smooth trip -- whether undercover, or in comfort and style.

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DON’T go the airport styled as a wildly popular Kpop idol with smoky eyes if privacy is the main objective. DO go with a more friendly demeanor and dress code. Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) from the extremely well known group Big Bang might be better off borrowing the warmth of Teddy, the character he plays in the 2014 drama Angel Eyes!

DON’T wear a black shirt with an attack dog on that greets everyone encountered with a snarl. Suzy Bae is a wonderful actress and performer in the Kpop group Miss A. But this outfit was just a miss. DO consider a look like the one G-NA is wearing to a movie premiere.

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Song Hae Na has a nice look featuring denim cutoffs with a shirt tucked in and long unbuttoned jacket.

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DO travel in comfortable clothes. Below left, actor Yoo Ah In (Secret Love Affair, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) doesn’t seem overly conscious of photos being taken of him. He is about traveling in comfort in khaki shirt, vest, jeans and headphones. He keeps sunglasses on.Xiumin of EXO (below right) is also keeping wardrobe simple and comfortable. He wears frames and a hat.

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DON’T put together an outfit that looks as though one element is missing. Rainbow Woo Ri (below left) wears a long top that says GEEK in large letters. She wears cute ankle boots and carries a fun handbag. The problem is, she seems to be missing slacks…Even worse, the traveler behind her could (allegedly) have the same problem. Okay, the women are actually wearing shorts. But perhaps there's a better way. Below right, she wears a graphic T-shirt, red shorts and an oversize hoodie. Classic nice outfit! DO put together a look like this for smooth sailing through the terminal to the gate.

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These two celebrities are not together but they look like they could be. Actor Lee Hyun Woo (To the Beautiful You) wears a polished yet casual button down shirt and slacks. Wherever his destination, he'll arrive in style. Jessica of Girls’ Generation was at Incheon Airport recently to catch a flight to Vietnam. She was wearing a FLORALE T-shirt and two-button blazer in bubble gum pink. The girls were performing at the 2014 HEC Korea Festival along with other groups like Miss A, Sistar and 2PM.

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If wearing all black yesterday worked, change it up! DO wear on another day a white T-shirt with a jacket or shirt and slacks Below, Tao, vocalist and member of EXO, looks at ease in a white T and long plaid shirt, jeans, white cap and lace up / zip up sneakers.

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Below, a young lady in Shanghai, China has statement shoes of her own! In the interest of encouraging personal expression thorough clothing and fashion, it seems harsh to call this a DON'T. It's definitely eye-catching and colorful... Opinions on this style?

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Idols like G-Dragon of Big Bang are in demand, inside and outside their home country. Recently he was seen at Incheon Airport, about to catch a flight to Japan. The singer was traveling to Fukuoka where Big Bang, the group he belongs to, is holding a fan meeting. We wore a black and white jacket with bold geometric lines.

When the object is to get past the crowds and find some serenity again in a section called First Class, DO wear the hood up – to go stealth (undercover). The hood up option is also a good thing under certain other circumstances, for example, men who need a shave, and women who might be having a bad hair day.

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DO wear your biker jacket. It’s a classic piece and goes with just about everything. Actor Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger, I Hear Your Voice) makes transit through a crowded terminal look easy!

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This piece wraps up with actor Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss) standing, poised and relaxed, a man in black, at the Beijing airport. DO go with a look that makes you stand tall and gives you confidence.

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