Famous Hong Kong singer-actor and internationally star, Andy Lau, was injured during commercial filming in Thailand on January 17. Read about his fall from horseback and the emergency measures that were immediately taken. How long will it take for the popular entertainer to recover? Will he fully recover?

According to the official statement from Andy Lau's agency, Topman Global:

“Mr. Andy Lau was shooting a commercial in Thailand on January 17, 2017, when he had a little accident and fell off a horse, resulting in a pelvic laceration. A medical team took care of him and everything is fine now. Please do not worry.” The statement thanked the fans for their concern.

Hong Kong media also reported that after the fall, Andy was further stepped on by the horse, causing injury to his spine.

When the 55-year-old actor was first injured, he was taken to a local hospital. Andy initially tried to keep it a secret from his wife so as not to worry her. The news of his injury quickly spread of course, and his wife, Carol Chu, immediately flew to Thailand.

Accompanied by his wife, Andy was airlifted by a medical emergency flight to Hong Kong on January 18. 

When the plane arrived after midnight, it was surrounded by throngs of media that it took a while to bring Andy off the plane. Andy was reportedly conscious while wearing a mask as he was carried down in a stretcher. He was then transferred to the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. The ambulance was seen followed by 15 vehicles from the media.

The internationally well-known star has had a long and prolific career in singing and acting successes. One of Andy Lau's recent roles is in the movie The Great Wall, co-starring Matt Damon. 

His many fans around the world are naturally very concerned. Some reports have estimated three months for healing to be followed by physical therapy, but it could take much longer. Taiwanese supermodel, Lin Chi-Ling, who experienced a similar accident in 2005 and suffered multiple rib fractures, took six months to recover. 

According to the latest news, Andy wants to seek Chinese traditional orthopedic treatment, which he believes will work better for his condition. He is taking painkillers to relieve severe pain.

As of January 22 (Hong Kong date), Andy is reportedly still hospitalized. Doctors reportedly declined his request to go home so that his wife and young daughter would not have to go back and forth to visit him. His public activities for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year have been cancelled.

We would like to extend our best wishes to Andy Lau to get well soon!

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