I know you've been wondering about just how exactly this girl and these girls and maybe even this girl got that dolly look that seems to be the craze in Asia. Well, the wait is over! As a long-time makeup junkie and practitioner of the "dolly look" myself, I'm gonna reveal all the secrets (; shh. A famous Taiwanese show called 鑽石夜總會, (Diamond Club) has a showdown segment called 變臉 (Face Change). In this segment, two contestants compete to create the biggest makeup transformation. The most beautiful winner with the most dramatic change takes home 10,000 Taiwanese dollars (about $334 USD). You can watch an episode here: Part 1: Part 2: The entire process most of the girls on the show go through for makeup is very similar to techniques used by the dramatic transformations from our previous articles (about the Japanese and Chinese women). I'll walk you through! makeup2 Pretty crazy, huh? With four sets of false lashes and iris-enlarging lenses, of COURSE you'll look different! Many girls who lack a double eyelid also create one using double eyelid tape or just glue. How far up you place the glue or tape determines how big you want the crease to be and how deep. Take a look at the video below which teaches how to create the double lid with glue! I have been wearing circle lenses for three years now, and I can attest to the dramatic difference it makes! However, circle lenses are also not FDA certified (if you are in the US), so be careful when ordering online (look out for fakes!). Circle lenses are also larger in diameter than regular contacts, so they cover more of your eye and allow less oxygen to permeate. Long time wear can lead to irritation or infection (which I have definitely experienced my share of!). This is my image idol, Japanese model and entrepreneur Tsubasa Masuwaka! I LOVE her brand of lashes (Dollywink), her makeup (Candy Doll), and her clothing line (LIZ LISA). Her "gyaru" look definitely isn't for everyone, but I think when done right, it can be totally cute! url-3 Now you know the secrets to all the Asian makeup transformations! Would you go to these lengths to alter your appearance? How do you feel about the dolly look? Let me know!