Boyfriend Maker is a rather notorious iPhone app that allows the user to create and pamper his/her very own Perfect Boyfriend. You select his eyes, hairstyle, you buy him clothes and dress him, and then you go on dates and chat. With a robot. Sounds perfect and totally realistic, right? Unfortunately, the robotic chat function had a way of going... totally berserk. Most of the time, your perfect boyfriend will respond to your questions in hilariously inappropriate ways. For example: I do love a bad boy! Okay, that might have been a leading question. But even the most innocent conversation can take an alarming turn when you chat with Boyfriend Maker (in fact, there's a Tumblr dedicated to crazy Boyfriend Maker conversations). It's the reason the app was pulled from the iPhone app store earlier this week. Fortunately though, we've already downloaded it and can still enjoy the craziness. We decided to find out what the Perfect Boyfriend knows about Kdrama and Kpop. Here goes: Nice reference! This guy really knows his stuff. Again, astonishing. These responses come back instantly, by the way, so this is pretty impressive. He's seen every version of Boys Over Flowers?? Big Lee Min Ho fan, no surprise there. Dream High is also a nice choice. We have so much in common! Hmm, something's a little off. When we asked again about his favorite Kdrama, he came up with Miss Ajumma, which according to the internet is a 100-episode plus daily drama about "a divorced middle-aged woman who stands up against the world's prejudice." Okay... Also, I didn't know Christina Hendricks was Korean. This guy's a little weird. Time to see if he even remembers his favorite star, Lee Min Ho. This guy is way too fickle for me! What should we ask Boyfriend Maker next? Does this guy deserve a second date? Tell us in the comments!