Hello drama lovers! Jeremy Oppa, here. I'm back again to answer all of your questions about the world of drama. This week I received a lot of requests for drama recommendations, so let's get right into it!

Q: Oppa, Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and I am spending it with my best friend watching DramaFever. She looooves Valentine's Day, but I haaaate Valentine's Day! What can we watch together?

- V Day? No Way!

A: Dear V Day, why not marathon two shows together? For your bestie, Lie to Me is the perfect Valentine's Day romance - and it has the BEST kisses in K-drama. After that, it's your turn to watch Vampire Prosecutor! It's the rare drama that is completely amazing AND basically romance-free.

Q: Oppa, can you tell me a K-drama where the guy acts like a bad boy, but he's really good, like Shi Hyun in Heartless City?

- Sohila

A: Dear Sohila, there are so many great bad boys! If you like the guy who's so bad you can't believe he's really nice, try Two Weeks, Padam Padam, City Hunter, or Bridal Mask. Actually, everyone should watch these!

Q: Oppa, I love mystery rom-com dramas. I've watched The Master's Sun and I really love it. Could you suggest a new drama for me?

- Kirana

A: A mysterious romantic comedy, eh? I think you'd like When It's At Night, My Sweet Spy, or Prosecutor Princess. And if you can do without the romance, Sign is a fantastic mystery thriller!

Q: Oppa, I Am Legend was a very good series. The lead role with all the ladies like Kim Jung Eun was strong. Can you recommend any other movies or series with the same caliber?

- Lola

A: If it's a strong female lead you're craving, I have just the shows for you! Check out Romance Town, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, City Hall, or Dr. Champ.

B: Oppa, I just finished Prince of Lan Ling. I must say that I can't seem to find anything that can help me recover from my drama sorrow because it was too epic and amazing! Please recommend me another drama that is historical, romantic, action, and dramatic. I've seen Faith and Dong Yi. Prince Lan Ling tops my historical drama list!

- Kayla

A: Wow, you finished Prince of Lan Ling already?? That's impressive drama commitment! I have some great historical-action-romances to make you forget your sorrows: try Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Chuno, and God of War.

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