The hilarious, heartwarming story of a rambunctious family who learn to live together and get along with one another - and do a little falling in love along the way - Assorted Gems' ratings steadily climbed over the course of its 50 episodes. It's not hard to see why. Led by rising stars Go Na Eun (Green Coach), Lee Hyun Jin (Family's Honor) and So Yi Hyun (Swallow the Sun) and veteran actresses Kim Young Ok (Boys Before Flowers) and Jung Hye Sun (Queen Seon Duk), Assorted Gems is an utterly funny, charming, romantic saga in the vein of Cheaper by the Dozen (only much more romantic). Each of the four siblings in the Gung family is named after a different precious jewel: eldest daughter Bi Chwi (Jade), eldest son San Ho (Coral), second daughter Ryu Bi (Ruby), and the youngest son, Ho Bak (Amber). Also known as Jewel Bibimbap, the concept of Assorted Gems is to show how these individuals, like rough-edged jewels or a bowl of assorted bibimbap ingredients, can only achieve balance and rightness when they are rubbing against each other and brought together. Gung Bi Chwi/Jade (Go Na Eun) is the eldest of the family, a demanding perfectionist with her heart set on marrying a rich man who will take her out of her poverty. When handsome Seo Young-guk moves into her family's boarding house, sparks begin to fly, but Bi Chwi resists, not realizing that Young-guk is not the poor man he seems to be but rather a chairman's son trying to gain experience by starting at the bottom. Gung Ruby, meanwhile, is a nurse who is also determined to marry rich, but in the midst of constant quarelling with Kyle, a tenant, she begins to fall for him. Gung San Ho/Coral (Lee Hyun Jin), their younger brother, is a law school graduate preparing for the bar exam, and as the oldest son has always been responsible and hard-working. When he meets Kang-ji, a friend of Ruby's however, his reserve begins to fade. Lee Il Min, a newbie actor, is the youngest brother Gung Ho Bak, or Amber. Presiding over these eclectic four and the varied members of their boarding house are patriarch and head of the family Gung Sang-shik, going through a mid-life crisis at age 55, and mother Pi Hye Je, who is vain, irresponsible, loves shopping and spending the family's money. With all this friction, will romance bring balance? Find out! Watch Assorted Gems here on DramaFever!