K-pop rookie group ASTRO, who we all know and love from their pre-debut drama To Be Continued, has recently been in a minor car accident. Fortunately, all the members are okay and left the accident uninjured. 

On July 23, a representative from Fantagio Music announced that ASTRO had been in a minor collision. The incident had occurred at an intersection that had no stoplight and the crash had taken place because of the negligence of the other driver involved. The group had been sleeping peacefully after their schedules at the time and were shocked from the impact. Their label released the following statement regarding the accident: “It was 100 percent the other driver’s fault, and luckily, because it wasn’t a big accident, the members are fine. They’re just a little bit surprised because they were sleeping at the time.”

All the members have received check-ups from the hospital to search for any noticeable injuries or negative after-effects, but they have been confirmed to be completely unscathed, and, if anything, only a little startled. Because they are all in perfect condition, they have returned to their regular schedules.

We are glad that everyone is safe and left the accident completely unharmed! Hopefully, the group will remain happy and healthy for a long time to come. 

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