This brand new K-pop boy group is made up of male cheerleaders!

If you've ever been to a cheerleading competition, a high school football game, or even watch a gymnastics performance, you know what a show smile looks like. It's the giant, beaming smile a cheerleader keeps on their face as they lift each other up, jump, dance, and tumble without looking like they've broken a sweat.

This was ASTRO during their debut performance on M! Countdown.

See the smiles? The pitch-perfect singing and regulated dance moves, based more on strong arms and straight lines than sexual thrusts? Cheerleading, through and through.

ASTRO debuted on February 23, 2016 so you may not know them. They belong to work under Fantagio Music, company of Hello Venus, 5urprise (which hosts Kang Joon of Cheese in the Trap), and formerly Chanwoo of Heirs and iKON.

And if you were getting wary of all your idols getting old and going off to the army (Siwon of She Was Pretty, TOP of BIGBANG going soon...), you have nothing to fear with ASTRO. Their members range from age 16 to 22. That means their youngest member was born in 2000. 2000!

ASTRO is so new they don't even have a Wikipedia page yet. They're a six-member boy group made up of actor-idols who star in the web drama To Be ContinuedMJJin JinCha Eun WooMoon Bin (a childhood friend of Chanwoo's), Rocky, and Yoon San Ha.

Are you looking forward to ASTRO, or are you already AROHA? 


Astro OK Ready!

Starring Cha Eun Woo and Moon Bin

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