auction_newsAuction House is a drama set in the high-stakes world of auctioneers, and experiments with making a drama in an American style -- stand-alone episodes and a more episodic, multi-season storyline. Four directors and four writers rotated over the course of the series, each providing their own style. As a result, Auction House contains a mix of thriller, "human drama", detective story, and comedy elements. Headed by Yoon So Yi of Say You Love Me and Jung Chan of Lovers, Auction House is an entertaining drama about the world of high-stakes auctions. With millionaire clients, art forgeries, thefts, and inter-office romance, life at an auction house is never dull!

auction_house_square_extraWhen Cha Yeon Soo (Yoon So Yi) applies for a job at Korea's top auction House, Hi Auction, and convinces them to hire her in spite of her inexperience, she has no idea what she's getting into. Confronted with demanding clients, high-maintenance bosses, and priceless artworks going missing as she tries to navigate the dangerous waters of her new job, she discovers that the high-profile auction house is a battleground.

The company, meanwhile, decides that she needs mentoring and assigns newly re-hired Oh Yoon Jae (Jung Chan) to work with her. A brilliant, irascible art specialist, he was fired years before after being accused of auction forgery. The cheerful, warm-hearted Yun Soo and the cynical, ruthless Yoon Jae have very different approaches to their job, but gradually they develop a mutual respect. Inspired by her cool, efficient boss, Min Soo Rin (Kim Hye Ri), Yeon Soo dreams of becoming an auctioneer. But when a dark secret that she's been hiding  comes out, Yeon Soo's job is in jeopardy...

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