Classical flute recitals are not exactly an event where people expect something exciting to take place. But at a recent recital in Denmark, something out of the ordinary happened to a performing Japanese flutist. Not losing her concentration, she played right through her solo performance, instantly making her an internet sensation.

As Japanese classical flutist Sachie Ohta was in the middle of her solo performance in Odense, Denmark, in front of a large audience, a butterfly came fluttering out of nowhere and landed right on top of the bridge of her nose. Most in the audience watched in anticipation, expecting her to somehow lose her concentration while trying to get through her piece.

Without stopping, she made attempts to get the butterfly to fly away by subtly moving her body and forehead a little, but to no avail. Finally, after a whole minute of just chilling on her nose, the butterfly decided to fly away. Sachie Ohta continued to play her flute as though nothing happened and got through her performance.

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Luckily, some audience member got it all on video and shared it on YouTube for the world to see. As expected, many were impressed with her unflappable concentration and commended her for her focused,  calm handling of the situation. Plus, the butterfly was probably just attracted to the beautiful music emanating from her flute.

Here's the video of Sachie Ohta, the butterfly flutist.