Once again a true-life story is stranger than fiction! We previously reported on an Australian man who fell into a week-long coma after a car crash in 2012. When he woke up, he spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese, to everyone's surprise. He has since embarked on a new life using his new language and recently even found love on a Chinese dating site.

Although Ben McMahon had taken some basic Chinese lessons in high school and even took a backpacking trip to China, doctors could not explain the near-native fluency that he acquired after waking up from the coma. Fortunately for his parents and friends, he started to remember his English after some time, or they might have had to learn Chinese in order to converse with him.

What's been happening since 2012?

First of all, Ben realized that his new-found language skill has given him a new opportunity, very much in the spirit of the Chinese saying of "from a tragedy comes something great," and he was inspired to bring different cultures together. He began his own tour guide service to Chinese tourists. He recently started his Youtube channel, where he teaches topics about China and Australia. (For those of you who aren't native Chinese speakers, I can assure you that his Chinese is quite excellent and he even has a Beijing accent. He can perfectly pronounce certain Chinese sounds that don't exist in English. His vocabulary is very impressive too. )

Here is one of his funny videos:

Because of his unique experience, he made headline news in China and has been invited to appear on TV variety shows. Ben recently decided to participate in If You Are the One, an extremely popular dating show in China, during a special segment featuring Australian participants. The show regularly attracts around 50 million viewers who find the show fascinating, especially with the candid questions and responses where the male contestant has to impress 24 female contestants.

Here's Ben appearing on the show, from 37:12 to 59:13. (For English-subtitled episodes, you can visit the Australian SBS TV channel that broadcasts the If You Are the One program.)

Ben was approved by all 24 contestants, and he got to choose one of the female participants after a second round of Q&A.

He chose Sydney-based Chinese lawyer, Feng Guo, who was also the first to like him during the first round. Ben said it was love at first sight for him. The couple won a trip to the Maldives. Since Ben lives in Melbourne, they have pledged to make their long-distance relationship work. 

Ben is very excited about his new romance and said, “When you go through a near-death experience, it definitely changes your perspective on life." 

Wouldn't you agree with Ben? Life is certainly an adventure, and romance will add even more excitement to the adventure lovers.


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