16 year old Yap Hanzhen of Malaysia was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, hardly being able to communicate at all as a child and continuing to not speak much throughout his adolescence. To help him communicate better, his parents gave him a sketchbook and pencil, hoping these would somehow bring him out of his world. Those things did more than that, as Yap now gets his artwork exhibited internationally, and even has gotten a collection of his amazing drawings published.

According to Yap himself, it's his photograph memory that helps him create his immaculate, finely-detailed sketches. If he sees something, a complete picture of what he just saw stay with him for 24 hours. But it's one thing to have a photographic memory, and another thing to create awesome art with it. Ever since his parents gave him a sketchbook, Yap has been filling the pages with detailed sketches of images he'd see in his daily life. These days, Yap spends six hours a day doing schoolwork, then comes home to do six hours of artwork. Despite doing the required academic work, Yap has dreams of becoming an artist (even though he already is), and he wants to become a musician as well, because he loves playing the piano. There's no question that he's well on his way to success. At 13, he had his first art exhibition, and he has been a part of 21 international art shows since then. Not bad for a 16 year old. Oh, I forgot to mention. He's also involved in a lot of charities, too.

Yap and just a few of his drawings are shown below.

Superstar Yap

His sketches