Actress Ady An is taken! The Autumn's Concerto star has announced the surprising news that she is married. Check out her beautiful wedding photo shoot and find out more.

Ady An is reportedly to have rejected businessmen as possible suitors because she is independently wealthy and has her own successful career.

Her fans are therefore stunned when Ady suddenly announced, on March 15, that she has married Chinese tycoon, Chen Ronglian, the 40-year-old CEO of Macau-based Tak Chun Group. They registered their marriage in Taipei and will hold weddings in Taiwan and Hawaii, according to news reports.

Apparently the self-made entrepreneur's persistence finally melted the 36-year-old beauty's resolve. After his relentless pursuit for a year, the couple started dating in 2014. Chen also helped Ady get through the tragic loss, in 2015, of her beloved friend and fellow-actor Shone An (Go, Single Lady). The two-year courtship stayed low-keyed and has resulted in the joyful news.

Ady wrote on her Weibo, "You suddenly opened a door to my world 1,230 days ago, and I made an effort to know you for 810 days. Did not expected to be conquered by you. Okay, I'll stay with you, eat and play till we're old... Forever young Mr. Doraemon, please take care of your Mrs. Chen in the days ahead.

Just as stunning as the news are photos from Ady's wedding photo shoot!

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

By the way, Vanness Wu, the leading man from Autumn's Concerto, go married in 2013, thus setting the curtain on one of the most shipped OTP couples from T-dramas.

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