Waiting on love. Go Soo and Moon Chae Won play a married couple torn apart during the Korean War in their upcoming movie titled Awaiting. A brilliant colored poster promoting the movie was released to the media this week.

In the poster, Moon is seated with a smile on her face, while Go stands next to her nobly as he casually places an arm around her shoulders. The period photos makes great use of the colors tan and white.

The film is all about Yoon Hee telling her husband not to cross the border to North Korea during the Korean War. Min Woo crossed over anyway and didn't return home to her. Sixty years after Korea's division, she still waits to be reunited with her husband. 

Can beauty buy happiness? Watch as Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul find out on Birth of a Beauty

This short film was part of the Beautiful 2014 project showcase at the Hong Kong Film Festival in March. 

The Golden Empire actor and theGood Doctor actress release their movie in theaters across South Korea on December 18.