With the invention of the Napkin Table, which you strap around your neck, a few Taiwanese graduates are teaching us that there really are no boundaries in strange inventions. While the invention might seem a bit excessive and odd, I guess the real question we should all be asking ourselves is, why wouldn't you want to wear the Napkin Table as a necklace?

Ok ,I can think of a couple of of reasons, like being confused for an actual table, but it is still worth pointing out some of the Napkin Table's really intriguing features. The table basically starts out folded like a purse. Then, two people each take a side and put it around their neck (perfect for a date or a situation where you have to get to know someone extremely fast).

The table comes with handy cup holders and even a washable napkin for any unfortunate spills. It also has pockets for storing utensils, money or emergency signs that say, "Help I'm trapped in a Napkin Table!!!"

Eleven stars. One House. Endless possibilities. Watch the new reality TV show Roommate.