If you ever visit Taiwan, check out the night markets and these awesome, strange, and delicious small plates! tryallthefood 1. Oyster + Intestine Noodles: oysternoodles This dish is also known as Oyster Vermicelli, or Verminchelli with Large Intestines. Its a noodle soup with a thick Oyster Broth; a popular variety is to serve it with pig's large intestine. 2. Century Egg/ hundred-year Egg Century-egg2 Century-egg This dark egg is made by traditionally preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay and ash for several weeks to months, depending on the method of processing. It is sometimes said that the eggs were made by soaking eggs in horse urine back in the days (though not anymore today!). These are delicious and often served in porridge with lean pork.   3. Chicken Feet Chicken-feet Taipei night market chicken feet This one is popular everywhere and is relatively tame. Chicken feet is often served in tubs and eaten as snacks. Fatty, flavorful and just yummy! 4. Duck Tongue duck-tongues Beef tongue is very common everywhere, but how about duck tongue? Duck everything is just about my favorite thing in the world, and in Chinese cuisine they use just about every part of this delicious bird. There's grilled, stewed, and even fried varieties available! 5. Stinky Tofu StinkyTofu The famous stinky tofu dish! Yes, there really is a strong smell resembling feet to this dish, but it's delicious! Its made by pickling tofu with vegetable and other flavors for months. It tastes good in just about everything but I personally love having it in soup. Have you had any of these dishes before? What would you try?   (sources: www.hotelclub.com, travel.cnn.com)