The iTunes Charts have quickly risen up to what some would call a "Billboard-esque" status. That's why B.A.P's recent climb to the number one spot on iTunes Hip-Hop Album Charts is a big big big deal. That's three bigs because it not only topped the American charts, it topped the charts in Canada and New Zealand as well. They're also number two in Sweden and number three in Norway, Finland, Japan, and the UK. Calling this domination would not be the wrong word. And this is only the beginning. The EP, ONE SHOT, will be heard around the world when the boys kick off the first leg of their tour in Seoul. Their agency stated, "They have ranked high on the charts before, but this time they were able to make new records by taking over the U.K. and other parts of Asia, for a total of 11 countries. They are now being recognized all over the world." No denying that fact. Are you the least bit surprised to see these boys rise to international prominence?