Jung Jinyoung is getting real.

Yesterday, the Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds actor opened up to fans via Naver’s V Live app about the newfound "acting-dol" status he earned from the starring role as Kim Yoon Sung in the popular KBS2 historical series. The 25 year-old star earned the "acting-dol" nickname because he's a handsome and exceptional actor. Nonetheless, the B1A4 leader had his reservations about playing in a historical piece until his support team backed him up. 

“To be honest, I was worried about wearing hanbok and appearing in a historical drama. However, I think it went well because the other members [of B1A4] gave me words of encouragement, the PD and screenwriters helped me out a lot, and we had lots of script read-throughs.” 

He continued, “The weather was at its hottest, so it wasn’t easy filming the drama wearing hanbok. We were usually busy fighting off the heat.”

Jinyoung had one busy year with a hit drama, taking on the role of producer in Mnet's Produce 101 and doing the same thing for B1A4's Good Timing album. I now see why he had to lie down during his V Live session; the poor star was probably exhausted! You can always enjoy some of his previous roles in K-dramas and movies like Jeju Island GatsbyLove Detective Sherlock K and Miss Granny here on DramaFever.


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Starring Nam Bo Ra and Park Min Woo

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He and his boys are already gearing up for the B1A4 Four Nights in the US 2017 tour in February. They plan to make stops in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

What projects or productions do you want to see Jinyoung take on solo in 2017? 

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