Friday night was a big night for B1A4 and their fans, called BANAs, as the group took to the stage at the Best Buy Theater inside New York City. As part of the US leg for their "Road Trip—Ready?" tour, the boys Jinyoung, Sanduel, Baro, CNU, and Gongchan, along with their live band, brought amazing energy to the fully packed venue.

The group opened with two of their biggest hits, "O.K" and "Beautiful Target". The crowd wasted no time in singing along with the boys through fan chants, and as a reward, fangirls were treated to a special mini performance of their adorable bean sprout dance that was worked into the choreography for "Beautiful Target".

After introducing themselves to the audience, the atmosphere became more calm as things were slowed down a bit with "I Won't Do Bad Things," "Oh My God," and "Because of You." Taking a few seconds to breathe, we were told that they wanted to show us more of Seoul since we were showing them the spirit of New York, and the set continued with "Seoul," "Tried to Walk," and "This Time It's Over."

When the boys left the stage completely, there was slight panic on the faces of some fans as they worried that the concert may already be over, but soon a video of the group playing around backstage earlier that day started playing, and the group once again emerged, this time sitting in chairs with Jinyoung holding a guitar in the center. He played his rendition of "Knocking on Heaven's Door," which he knocked out of the park. He even managed to get the crowd involved by encouraging them to sing along with him. They also sang "Wonderful Tonight" and "You Make Me a Fool," which were equally beautiful and showcased the group's vocal talents. Ending out the mellow feel of the show, the group performed "Amazing" and "Lonely" before revving the crowd back up with their most current hit "Solo Day".

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After another video intermission, the group returned to the stage in causal clothing similar to what they wore in their music video for "Solo Day". They pulled one lucky girl from the audience to be serenaded by all of the boys during their song "Chu Chu Chu." Clearly delighted, the audience member danced and hugged the boys while they sang, and the song ended with Baro giving her a giant teddy bear.

Their song "Pretty" was next in the lineup, and Baro continued to interact with the audience by telling everyone in attendance that they were all pretty to lead the song in. The set continued with "What's Happening," "A Glass of Water," and "Who Am I," with "Baby Goodnight" closing out the show.

However, in true K-pop fashion, the members returned to the stage donning tour t-shirts and performed an encore for the audience of "You Are My Girl" and "In the Air." During the encore set, you could definitely tell how happy the group was to be in New York and that they were having fun. They also took the time to introduce the very talented members of the live band that accompanied them for the whole concert. 

After seeing the group at KCON, I can attest to the fact that their solo concert completely lived up to expectations. The live band added a unique twist that popular music generally doesn't bring. With that, B1A4 has quickly climbed up my list of groups to keep track of because of their lighthearted and genuine feel. Let's hope they return to the US soon!

With Chicago's concert last Sunday, Dallas and San Francisco are up next. If you were at the New York or Chicago shows, what did you think of the concert? Did B1A4's solo concert live up to everything you were expecting? What was your favorite song to watch them perform? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya! More photos from the concert will be available on Tanya's blog HallyuKnow.