Baby faces are great advantages in entertainment, especially for female stars. Look at those stars — even though they are in their thirties, they still look like high school students. Age doesn't matter as long as you keep your girl's heart. 

1. Ariel Lin

When she debuted as Xiang Qin in It Started With A Kiss, her adorable character got really popular. Now she is 32, playing smart such as Xue Wu in Prince of Lan Ling or sharp as Cheng You Qing in In Time With You. She even obtained her Master of Arts in Acting for Screen from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London in 2014, but she still looks like Xiang Qin in high school.

2. Joe Chen

She is 36 but, with careful protection of her skin and figure, especially with her face, she does not look quite like her age. With big eyes and a cute smile, she maintains a certain type of purity and kindness. Whether in Fated to Love You or Beauties of Emperor, people always like her as a good neighbor girl.

3. Jang Na Ra

Since Fated to Love You is mentioned, no one can forget Jang Na Ra's character in this Korean remake. She is 34, but did you see any difference between her appearance in Baby Faced Beauty and Mr Baek?

4. Ivy Chen

In 2002, she appeared in the Taiwanese variety show Guess and was a contestant in "Do not judge a book by its cover." Well you can say it again since she turns 33 in November this year. She is quite energetic, fresh, and cute. We cannot forget her role as Gong Xi in Skip Beat.

5. Rainie Yang

Drunken to Love You is one of her popular works. She is 31 and also a reputable singer, actress, and TV host. She began her career in 2000 as a member of Taiwanese quartet girl group 4 in Love, and soon debuted in Meteor Garden. She always has such a smile, bringing the sunshine along. 

It is quite a treasure to have such adorable baby face for those stars. It is hard not to be jealous of them. Age doesn't need to be a scary thing. As long as you keep healthy habits and have a girl's heart, thirty can just look like thirteen.

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