Super Junior-M member and solo artist Henry Lau holds many titles from composer, popper, and violinist to rapper. Last week, Henry’s title was simply the “birthday boy!”. Henry is now 24 years old and doesn’t even look a day over 19…really. Check out some of these 13 super cute photos of Henry, and you too will have a hard time believing he’s 24!

13. The Tambourine Man

12. Someone looks like a deer in headlights ^_^

11. Pucker Up!

10. I wonder where he is, hmm.

9. Cheese!

8. I loved the whole doodles and drawing all over the body thing. Hyuna also did a bit of that for her Ice Cream mv.

7. Only certain people can wear white skinny jeans, and Henry's one of those people.

6. Henry invites you to the world of Aegyo.

5. Henry, where did your neck go?!

4. This is the classic face every guy gives when a girl has just confused them to the point of speechlessness.

3. Good hair, good jawline, good guy liner. Henry looks luxurious.

2. "Hi, I'm still in High School...if you want me to be."

1. Proof everyone takes lazy selcas when they're bored.

Happy Birthday Henry!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE