Chinese babies get to select a future job upon their one-year-old birthday by playing a traditional game called 'Zhua Zhou' whereby a baby picks from a big collection of toys that each symbolize a profession. All babies get to choose, even if they are a giant panda baby.

Taipei Zoo's world famous baby panda, Yuan Zai, got a special treat at her first birthday celebration on July 6. She was asked to pick from a list of interesting jobs: Doctor, Engineer, Painter-Artist, Financial Specialist, Flight Attendant, Movie Star, and Teacher. Guess which one she picked?

The first one she looked at was the painter-artist. Then she studied being an engineer for a while. She then considered being a flight attendant. Finally, she decided on becoming a teacher.

Then it was time to eat her birthday cake.

She had to first climb over the Gate of Intelligence to get to her cake. It's a very special cake, indeed, as it is made of apple, pineapple, bamboo, bread and other panda-friendly ingredients.

Miss Downton Abbey? Watch a talented young seamstress become a spy to help England fight the Nazis before WWII.

According to her personal zoo assistants, Yuan Zai now weighs 75 pounds and she is equivalent to a 5 or 6-year-old human girl with quite a playful personality, befitting her winning the 'Panda Personality of 2013' awarded by the Giant Panda Zoo Awards.

Happy First Birthday, Yuan Zai!