Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents Kahi and Yang Jun Mu! The happy news was confirmed on May 13 when Kahi's agency revealed in a press conference that she and recently-wed husband (the CEO of incase Korea) are expecting a baby.  

An associate from her agency told reporters that Kahi is already three months along and is currently expected to give birth to her child this coming November.  

This news follows the couples private March wedding in Hawaii, and speculation that she had perhaps been pregnant before the ceremony spread, which was denied by the artist.  Her agency clarified that, "Kahi wasn't aware of her pregnancy before marrying. She took a visit to a hospital for medical examination and was surprised by the result that she has been pregnant for 3 months." They then asked fans to, "please look after the soon-to-be parents so that the baby can be born healthy."

Join us in wishing the newlyweds and their child the best in days to come!


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