From the Queen’s vantage point:

When you watch Kdrama, do you pay attention to the music in the background?  It is pretty hard not to do so.  I remember when watching You’re Beautiful I kept wondering how I could find the song that Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) sang.  I replayed the ending over and over until I could mouth the words and then I looked up the soundtrack and found it for myself.  From that point on I looked at the words and repeated the words and sang the words of what had become my favorite song.   I even learned the words that he spoke to Park Shin Hye’s Go Mi Nyu.  Together the two things sounded so romantic and real.  Every woman wants to be Go Mi Nyu, as she awaits her star.  What Should I Do makes you want to cry in its longing and sincerity.   The music of Kdrama cannot be ignored, nor should it be.  Hoppefully, I am not the only one to get blown away by Jang’s rendition of Fly Me to the Moon.  I swoon every time I hear this.  My one complaint, it is too short.  Every picture would lose something with this magical insertion to the unconscious mind.  By the time you realize that you have been listening to it, you are already able to hum it and even sing a few phrases, especially those sang in English.
Until Heartstrings, Boys Over Flowers was the next soundtrack that took you away into a land where time does not exist. Who can forget Almost Paradise, I’m Stupid, Stand By Me, and my personal favorites, Fight the Bad Feeling and I Never Give In.  In BOF, we find that the course of true love never runs smoothly and sometimes even when you find it, it requires struggle.  Each song seemed to provide either the reason or the strength to continue to fight.  Boys Over Flowers sent messages about peer pressure, the need to fit in and the fight against unfair dominance.  It reminds us that we do matter and that we have a place in this often one-sided society but as long as we believe we too can enter paradise.  Here we find that to have such a dream is not stupid.  If someone stands by you and you never give up, and someone who will never give in, you will succeed.
In Heartstrings, there are songs that really get to you from the very beginning.  From the Queen’s vantage point, not one person watching this series is unable to sing You’ve Fallen For Me.  When Lee Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) stepped on stage and sang I Will Forget You, there was not one person who was not moved including Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) who to that point had tried to ignore her.  By the time Because I Miss You was being heard, you were in love with the series, the characters, and the songs.  What would this series have been without the soundtrack?  Would we have come away feeling the same way?  Everyone was cheering for the love of the two main characters here and music had a lot to do with the feelings we all felt.
In Secret Garden, Hyun Bin sings That Woman.  Oh my!  This man is a fine actor and who knew he had such a great voice?  Thank goodness the producers knew and let us share this wonderful moment.  Four Men sang He Lifts Me Up and took us into the stars, and there was the song Secret Garden itself.  Every song in this series was made to make the emotional side of us all feel something.  Secret Garden took many twists and turns but the music always bought us back to Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won.  The music of this series takes away  the harshness of the times our hero and heroine had to endure. From the Queen’s vantage point it is impossible to think of one Kdrama and not think of the music that was in that particular series.  Also, there is no confusion as to when you heard a particular song for the first time just as you can remember when you first saw a particular favorite actor.  You know what drama to check out to hear a particular song or see a particular face.  Music, a language all in itself, takes on a new meaning in Kdramas and we all look forward to what song will be sung as much as what will happen next.  The language, whether is love or adventure, history or horror, takes on a life of its own in Kdrama.  So, let the music play, we will not miss a beat!
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