[caption id="attachment_17809" align="alignleft" width="397" caption="Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss"][/caption] The behind-the-scenes story of Daemul, in which Go Hyun Jung had been cast as Korea's first female president, then left amidst a seemingly hopelessly disorganized production, reached a new chapter as Go is apparently back on. Although the drama has yet to cast its female lead, and filming hasn't even started yet, the show is still on schedule to debut in less than 2 months. The first teaser for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is out! Hints of romance, comedy, and a bit of horror are all on display in the new video here. Obsessive fans, who do you think is taller, Rain or his Fugitive co-star Lee Jung Jin? Have a look at this unauthorized fan photo taken on the streets of Tokyo and decide for yourself if Lee towers over Rain, if Rain's been artificially squashed (he also looks a bit heavier), or if it's just the angle of the photo. Han Go Eun is doing some admirable charity work in conjunction with the program Love Request: visiting Peru with a group delivering medical assistance. Read all about her good deeds right here. Pics from the first day of shooting on the highly-publicized Playful Kiss have hit the internets--have your first look at Kim Hyun Joong as a model student and Jung So Min as the lovable dummy who falls for him here. Finally--at first glance, these may look like rather creepy paparazzi photos, but Lee Min Ho uploaded them himself to his Twitter account this weekend. Looks like Lee spent the night relaxing in his trainers in the park with his cute little chihuahua.