Singer Lee Hyori will be making an appearance in the upcoming episode of Hwasin: Controller of the Heart. What will heighten this particular episode of Hwasin was not only because of the obvious effects of Hyori-ism, but because of the widely publicized tension between MC Kim Gura and Lee Hyori. In the past, Kim Gura had admitted that Lee Hyori is the most intimidating guest, and that he actually had avoided her on purpose. It was also true that back in 2003, when Kim Gura had been working as an internet broadcasting DJ, he had made inappropriate comments about Lee Hyori's bosom as she was hyping up for her solo activities. Kim Gura had apologized for the matter in 2008, when they had first encountered during an airing of KBS Sang Sang Plus Season 2, but still could not look at Lee Hyori in the eyes, even as he was speaking to her. It will be nice to see the typically arrogant MC getting small in front of Lee Hyori while she brushes off negativity and past issues like the cool-cat she we know her to be. (Source: Nate)