Once the teasers started to come out for Pinocchio, quite a few fans were distracted from the plot by the hideous wig on top of Lee Jong Suk's head. At the press conference for the series, Lee Jong Suk even commented on the wig, saying it was "uglier than [he] imagined" and that wearing the wig made his real hair fall out! We have to admit that it's a pretty bad mop, but is it the worst we've seen?

It's pretty reminiscent of the crimes against hairmanity we saw from one of our other favorite pretty boys, Kim Soo Hyun. He donned terrible wigs not once, but twice: first as Song Sam Dong in Dream High, and then again in his movie Secretly, Greatly.  So between these two hot actors forced into fake hair, who had it worse? 

Let's look at the classic first:

Sam Dong is supposed to be a country bumpkin, so I guess that means he's never heard of scissors or at least a comb? It actually looks like they accidentally took a bad pre-makeover wig from the women's side of the K-drama dressing room and gave it to him by mistake.

Then, to add insult to injury, they gave him a very similar look in Secretly, Greatly:

Yes, that's the face we made when we saw it, too. I can't really tell if straightening this 'do made it better or worse. On the one hand, at least it isn't flying around everywhere. On the other hand, it now forms a perfect bowl on his head.

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But what about our challenger of the day? Everyone was waiting for a glimpse of our lovely Lee Jong Suk in the first teaser, and then...we got this:

Why? WAAAEEEEEEEEE? He looks like a Raggedy Ann doll. I'll prove it:

In some of the teasers, he's sporting a head bandage. Is it supposed to make him look tough? All I know is that it gives the whole thing a little '80s hair band vibe, which is better, I guess.

Now, fortunately, in ALL of these cases, the wig was only temporary, and our handsome leads got to shed those monstrous manes. Lest we forget what they really look like, here they are post-transformation:

Much, MUCH better don't you think? 

So who had it worse? Does Lee Jong Suk win because his wig kind of moves in the breeze during the teasers? Or does Kim Soo Hyun win because he had to endure the mop look twice as long? Comment below to cast your vote! 

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