Bae Doo Na is single. The Gloria actress and actor Jim Sturgess called it quits after a possible three years of dating. After meeting on the set of Hollywood movie Cloud Atlas in 2012, the pair began their international romance and confirmed it last year. Today, her agency announced that the pair had indeed gone their separate ways. 

The statement from her agency was very concise: "Bae Doo Na and significant other Jim Sturgess recently broke up."

They have chosen not to disclose the reason why they broke up, but Bae is keeping busy after the heartbreak. Following her Jupiter Ascending movie premiere last month, she recently traveled to France to participate in Louis Vuitton's F/W line for 2015-2016.

Over the years, I became a fan of many of Bae's projects. I loved her in the 2006 OCN TV drama Someday and the 2003 movie Spring Bears Love. Her performances in dramas Country PrincessHow to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,God of Study, and Gloria were equally impressive. I really wanted her to find true love in real life. I thought she and Sturgess could have eventually tied the knot. 

Do you think the pair have any hope of getting back together?

See Bae Doo Na in her 2010 drama Gloria:

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