South Korea finally won the chance to host the 2018 Winter Olympics in its western city Pyeongchang. The delight of Koreans were infectious everywhere as South Korea became the first Asian country outside of Japan to host the Winter Games. Figure skater Kim Yuna joined the Olympic committee for some last-minute lobbying to the IOC, and it's been said that her efforts helped sway more voters towards Pyeongchang. In addition, the Olympic committee for Pyeongchang had released several promotional videos, and it's only recently come out that Bae Geu Rin (49 Days, You're Beautiful) actually participated in it. She shot it in January-February of this year, which made it incredibly busy for her since she was also shooting Smile Mom and Once Upon a Time in Saengchori at that time. She even got into a minor accident, but everything was OK. Well good for her, because now that Pyeongchang is the winner, all her hard work has paid off! Here's a video of Pyeongchang's bid for the Olympics: Check out Bae Geu Rin on DramaFever! Source: Nate