Dropping $9,000 for one night at a resort might be over the top, but this helpless romantic begs to differ. Bae Yong Joon took his pregnant wife, Park Soo Jin, on an amazing spa/resort vacation at South Cape.

South Cape is a golf resort located in Korea’s south beach. The cliff house at the resort, where the couple stayed, costs around 10,000,000 Korean Won (9,000 USD) per night!

“He was being considerate for his pregnant wife, Park Soo Jin,” one source said. “He looked for a private space for the family and chose the resort they went on a honeymoon.”

The resort holds special memory for the couple, who honeymooned there last summer. The lovebirds and their friends spent time at the resort Friday through Tuesday of last week.

It seems like the couple loves to take vacations when allowed. This past winter, they were spotted leaving a mansion in Hawaii. What do you think of this gorgeous couple? Tell us in the comments below!

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