The cries of “oppa noooo!” can be heard all over the world as it’s been confirmed actor and businessman, Bae Yong Jun has a girlfriend. Who is this lucky lady? We’ll probably never see her face, because she’s not a celebrity. According to Bae Yong Jun’s agency, the two of them met at a dinner party and just clicked with each other. What is known about this woman is she’s 27 years old, making her 14 years younger than Bae Yong Jun, and she has the background of a good K-Drama character!

She’s said to be the daughter of a very well-known business owner in Korea, and has “spent many years in America.” So K-Drama right?! I bet she totally looks like one too, and you know the type I’m talking about! Tall with either an extremely chic short hairstyle or long hair that has not one strand out of place. I bet she wears dramatic fur coats and heels even when there's like 4 feet of snow outside.

Random moment: Why are the things I imagine actually some strangers reality?!

But yeah! You never know, she could be just as I described or nothing at all like the above; I mean, I don’t know oppa’s style (-_-). Anyway, the two of them have only been dating for 3 months making this a fairly new relationship. I guess all we can do is sit back, cry, and watch it all play out with hopes of a breakup... or not.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE