[caption id="attachment_23977" align="alignleft" width="333" caption="Park Yong Jin"][/caption] Park Yong Jin, who plays Go Jae Bok on this summer's runaway hit Baker King Kim Tak Gu has been fired after a month-old drunk driving charge came to light. Reportedly the actor got the attention of police after running a red light, then led them on a 2km chase before being caught. Park refused to take a sobriety test, cursing out the policeman and even ripping the officer's uniform. Producers were dismissive of the actor's contribution to the success of Baker King, saying "Park leaving the drama won't change anything." On a lighter note, Baker King star Yoon Shi Yoon is beginning to cash in on the popularity of the show, making an appearance at Dunkin Donuts to box up orders for fans. News reports hinted about this last week, and now it's been confirmed that Hyun Bin will replace Jang Hyuk in the upcoming fantasy Secret Garden. Meanwhile, Jang is appearing in the Chinese remake of the Kdrama All About Eve (apparently retitled In Love With A Female Anchor)--check out Jang making out with costar Zhu Dan here. Oh Ji Ho is joining Oh Byung JinYook Gi Seok, and Kim Chi Young to change the homey image of kimchi. Get ready for the launch of Namja (Man) Kimchi! Reminds me a bit of the manly Japanese brand Otokomae Tofu. Put them together and it's virility on a plate. And speaking of virility, you may have thought that Dong Yi couldn't possibly get any longer, but producers are now considering whether the addictive drama has the staying power for a second extension, in addition to the one granted in July. Dong Yi rival Giant also got gianter, with a 10-ep extension that will bring the total to 60. So Ji Sub helped out an extra on a commercial for the ginseng tonic One Root when the guy got discouraged and quit in the middle of shooting. So encouraged him and even offered to become his mentor. In the same interview, the Road No. 1 star is sticking by the war drama, which was widely publicized but failed to reach a large audience. He says that the show's greatness will still be discovered by future audiences. Finally, enjoy a bit of Fall/Winter fashion from Bang Bang, modeled by always adorable Lee Min Ho and Han Ji Hye.