The huge hit Baker King Kim Tak Gu (aka Bread, Love and Dreams) was denied an extension even though it grabbed an incredible 44% viewership rating last week. The rags-to-riches kitchen romance will complete its run of 30 episodes on September 24th. A new still from Playful Kiss was released, and it's a big tease with stars Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min's lips aaaaaalmost touching. Read Jung's thoughts on growing into her role right here. Jung Kyeo Woon has been hitting the gym hard--6 hours a day--for his upcoming role as a coulda-been Judo star in the sports drama Dr. Champ. Jung's practiced Judo for roles in the past, but never with this much intensity. Read all about the new drama, and see Jung in action on the mats here. Kim Jee Woon is recutting his ultra-violent horror film I Saw the Devil after Korean censors gave it a "restricted" rating, preventing it from being advertised or released on home video. "Restricted" films can't even be shown in general cinemas, but only specially licensed adult theaters. No theaters have acquired the license yet, essentially meaning that the film can be shown to no one in Korea legally unless Kim makes some cuts. It's unclear why the decision can't be appealed, since the rating was deemed unconstitutional in a lawsuit involving 2008's Shortbus. Nevertheless, Korean audiences will have to wait a little longer to see a truncated version of the flick, starring Oldboy's Choi Min Sik. Veteran actress Kim Hye Soo will return to drama in My Happy Home, in which she'll star opposite Hwang Shin Hye. The pair will play lifelong rivals with opposing backgrounds (Kim grew up in a happy home, Hwang didn't) who meet in school and remain competitive over the years. Kim last appeared in Style after a 5-year absence from Kdrama. Jang Geun Suk pulled a prank on Park Shin Hye, who was substituting for a radio DJ for a few days. Jang called up, pretending to be a student infatuated with Park. Then, he gave her an awesome "impression" of Jang, impressing Park until she found out the whole thing was a setup. For more of Jang, check out this hot and wet photo spread taken for his Japanese fans. A recent "candid camera" prank show that included BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang being slathered in blackface, complete with fright wig and hoop earring for a fake watermelon commercial has inspired an African-American fan of Korean pop culture to start a discussion on the casual attitude towards racism still found in Korean (and many other countries') culture. Finally, some eye candy for So Ji Sub fans courtesy of a slew of new ads featuring the star: first up some pics from Sieg Fahrenheit's Fall/Winter collection, and then wearing not much at all for the cable channel OCN.