K-POP group B.A.P recently spent some quality time with the hosts of Weekly Idol and ended up agreeing that member Jong Up has the best butt out of the group. Weekly Idol is a hilarious show where Idol groups visit and play games and talk about themselves. There’s also a segment where fans and other idols can call in to the show and leave voicemail with questions and requests for whatever group is appearing that week.

Well one fan left a message asking who has the biggest butt in B.A.P and before long a random competition began to determine who has the best butt. Everyone was like oh Jong Up’s butt is ace and as Youngjae put it “Hip-Up.” What does that even mean?! (LOL) So after palm measuring everyone’s backsides we learned Daehyun, Yongjae and Zelo’s butts are uneven, while Yong Guk and Himchans butts are nice. Jong Up’s butt was not only firm and tight but after feeling it, his butt caved in at the sides leading to him having the sexiest butt of the group.

To be honest they didn’t even have to go through all of that. Clearly Jong Up has an ace of an ass, I’ve noticed it, other fans have noticed it, and there are even gifs celebrating it. Now if you want to see B.A.P’s best butt competition enjoy the video from Weekly Idol below. Don’t worry it's English subbed and the competition starts around the 7:35 mark.

Now enjoy the fact that I included photos of Jong Up's backside... ^_^

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE