A candy store in Japan has teamed up with Mattel to commemorate Barbie's 55th birthday with the release of an edible, and actually tasty, set of colorful lip gloss.

Ameya Eitaro, a candy store in Japan which was established in 1857, has gotten together with toymaker Mattel to collaborate on producing a set of Barbie lip gloss that you can actually eat, or rather a candy that you can put on your lips. Lip gloss usually smells good, but tasting it is another matter. But with these new Barbie 55th birthday lip glosses, it literally is like smearing sweet, delicious candy all over your lips, all the while getting some colorful moisture. Amaya Eitaro created these special balms by using honey as a base, and then adding dry fruit and fruit powder for the color. 

The lip gloss comes in two different types, Sweet Gloss and Sweet Lip. For the Sweet Gloss, which is more like lip balm, the flavors are caramel, caramel/strawberry, chocolate/cranberry, chocolate/raspberry, black tea/mango and black tea/silver sugar. Each flavor costs 648 yen, about five and a half dollars, or you can get a set of three flavors, which comes in a little purse, for 2160 yen, or about 18 dollars.  For Sweet Lip, the flavors are strawberry, raspberry and ruby grapefruit, and these are priced a little higher at 702 yen, almost six dollars. A set of all three goes for 2700 yen, about 23 dollars.

With over 150 years experience, you know this candy store knows what they're doing. These new sets of lip gloss are not only cute and edible, they're cute and delicious. Only available for a limited time.

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Happy 55th to Barbie

Set of three

Sweet Gloss

Sweet Lip