Creepy or cute? Barbie doll head platform shoes are now trending amongst the most fashionable women in Japan. 

Designed by Jeffrey Campbell for his summer 2013 collection, the clear heels of the "Icy Wedge" are filled with wide-eyed, smiling Barbie doll heads. 

They may seem outlandish to many, but the girls of Harajuku know how to style these flamboyant heels.

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And what Barbie is complete without her other half, Ken?

Luckily, Barbie is not destined to be forever alone! You can purchase one Barbie platform and one Ken platform for the ultimate fashion statement.

It appears that each shoe contains several different Ken and Barbie heads, some a little more creepy than others when distorted by the clear plastic.

Would you wear a pair of these unique, eye-catching platforms, or would you be scared to find them lurking in your closet?