Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Meteor Garden, Summer's Desire) has just given birth to her new baby after a difficult delivery that almost cost her life.

Barbie Hsu rose to fame with Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese live-action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, the popular Japanese manga which would be later remade into the Korean Boys Over Flowers, starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho

Barbie married her husband, Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiofei, in 2010, just two months after they first met. She gave birth in 2014 to their daughter. Earlier this year, the 39-year-old actress announced that she was pregnant with her second child

We are happy to relate the news that Barbie has given birth to a baby son. 

The happy news came with a scare as we learned that Barbie went through an extremely difficult delivery. The initial report said that she went into seizures. 

Later her husband posted on Weibo, saying, "Due to exhaustion, abdominal cramps, and allergic reaction to pain medication, Xi Yuan (Barbie) exhibited symptoms of coma after experiencing sudden oxygen loss. After two emergency aids and a night at the ICU, she has safely survived the dangers. I appreciate everything that my wife has given. Let us cherish each other even more and continue to live well. Finally, Xi Yuan asked me to convey her thanks to all the friends who are concerned, and to tell everyone that she is safe. Thank you."

Wang Xiofei also included a photo of their newborn's footprints in another post on May 15, saying, "Thanks to everyone's well wishes. My son is very healthy. For now I've been staying with my wife at the hospital for observation. After experiencing what we went through today, I have a new appreciation for the iterations of life. Feeling blessed to have friends and family around us. Hope everything is well with everyone."

Barbie Hsu used to be a self-admitted workaholic and was not interested in marriage. That all changed when she fell in love at first sight. The couple even decided to get married after meeting only 4 times, according to Barbie. To get pregnant, the decade-long vegetarian started to eat meat, along with taking Chinese herbal medicine treatments. 

And now, she has almost given her life to give birth to her second baby. Barbie's mother was quoted to say, "She used her life to exchange for the baby." As Mother's Day was just celebrated on May 8, it's worth remembering to appreciate all mothers in the world that Mother's Day is really for every day.

Congratulations to Barbie Hsu and her growing family. Fans are looking forward to seeing Barbie recover soon and also photos of the beautiful actress with her new baby.

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