Famous Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Meteor GardenSummer's Desire) has just announced that she is 5 months pregnant with her second child. The Year of the Monkey is an auspicious year for babies who are considered smart, witty, and charismatic. Barbie's announcement and new photo met with many well wishes from friends and fans.

Barbie Hsu rose to fame with Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese live-action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, the popular Japanese manga which would be later remade into the Korean Boys Over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho.

Her marriage in 2010 came as a shocking surprise as she registered her marriage with wealthy Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiofei after meeting for only 2 months. According to the happy couple, they fell in love at first sight. In 2014, Barbie gave birth to a daughter, Wang Xiyue, who will turn 2 in April this year.

39-year-old Barbie has said that her mother-in-law hasn't pressured her on following up with a boy baby, but since her husband is an only child, it wouldn't be a surprise that there is an unspoken pressure. Late last year, Barbie was very upset with Taiwanese media for leaking the news that she was one month pregnant with her second child. By Chinese tradition, baby news is usually reserved until the pregnancy is over 3 months along.

We are glad to learn that she has now officially confirmed that she is 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. 

(In the newly released photo, Barbie and her husband and daughter are standing to our left. To the right are Barbie's sister and her family.)

On February 7, Lunar New Year's Eve, Barbie Hsu posted a wish, "Hope to successfully give birth to a healthy son." Husband Wang Xiofei also posted to his Weibo account, "Already over 5 months. Expecting a healthy and lively "little monkey." My wife has worked hard."

Together, the Chinese characters 女 (daughter) and 子 (son) form the Chinese word 好, meaning "Good".  Barbie Hsu's announcement is indeed a good and happy news!

Best wishes to Barbie Hsu and her husband who look forward to adding a new baby to their growing family!


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