Previously, we reported that Taiwanese Boys Over Flowers actress Barbie Hsu is expecting. Now there is definite proof as Barbie recently published a selca of her big belly.

Barbie Hsu has been pregnant for a few months now. Her sister, Dee, was recently asked how Barbie was doing. Dee replied, "Her belly is very big." Barbie was upset with Dee for saying that, but then she took a selca and realized that her belly really was quite big.

Along with her selca, Barbie wrote, "One body holding two souls. Such a mystery."

There is an old Chinese folk saying that if the belly is pointed, it will be a boy, and if it is rounded, it will be a girl. Barbie has never said what gender her baby will be. Many observers are saying that since Barbie's belly looks rounded, the baby will be a girl. They also think that if Barbie were carrying a boy, she would have announced it already.

Let's compare this new photo with her previous photo:

What do you think? Is it a pointed or a rounded belly?