BarefootfriendsDramaFever09 Behind-the-scenes photos from our new series Barefoot Friends have been surfacing online, and we wanted to share the best of them. Yoon Shi Yoon's Taiwan Fan club posted these online. Think "The Amazing Race" meets "The Lonely Island." Nevermind completing the mission—this show is all about surviving one hilariously absurd situation after another! From ending up blindfolded in a remote desert, to driving pedi-cabs for a day in Vietnam, this show stops at no cost to put its cast in the most hilariously challenging situations. These guys are seriously working overtime for their laughs. But don't just take our word for it! Check out some behind-the-scenes photos below: BarefootfriendsDramaFever08 BarefootfriendsDramaFever07 BarefootfriendsDramaFever06 BarefootfriendsDramaFever05 BarefootfriendsDramaFever04 BarefootfriendsDramaFever03 BarefootfriendsDramaFever02 BarefootfriendsDramaFever01 kisungyong Have you checked out Barefoot Friends yet? How are you liking it? (source: