Barefoot Friends Barefoot Friends has officially wrapped their overseas filming. With no more overseas filming, the format of the show will change, and domestic filming is expected. Apart from the appearance of ‘Barefoot Friends’ cast with Kang Ho Dong, Kim Hyun Joong, Yoon Shi Yoon and other members, the ratings were relatively poor 5.4% (Nielsen Korea), disappointing loyal viewers. Producers hope a fresh format will revive the series's ratings. However, it seems information regarding the new format has not yet been revealed. Though it is curious as to which direction the show will take, with singer Lee Hyori making a guest appearance on the episode aired on the 26th. In this particular episode, Yoon Jong Shin’s house was unveiled while the preview showed a glimpse of Eun Hyuk and UEE’s homes, nevertheless this is a one-time event. It is interesting to see how ‘Barefoot Friends’ will be presented next. (source: nate news, sportschosun)