I had another fun filled Tweet-fest while watching Episode 2 of Barefoot Friends. I can't even stand how funny this show is! To sum it all up, this episode was all about blow fish, pimping KHJ, various liquids in plastic bags, and just a lot of crazy side eye reactions. I know it doesn't sound PG but it is!!! Keep your minds right! (-_-) Ok, so UEE, Kang Ho Dong and Kim Hyun Joong are challenged to go crab fishing in order to make money. I'm a fan of 'Deadliest Catch,' so I was all set for giant crabs not even indigenous to the area, but I was still expecting them! I dunno what kind of fishing that was, but all anyone ended up with was a few crab snacks, bait, and a blow fish!

Kang Ho Dong and his Crab Aegyo!

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 2

That freakin blowfish was so cute I was like "gimme it!!!"  Uee was in total awe over the beauty of the blowfish, while Kim Hyun Joong was like knocking it back and forth like it was some kind of small balloon.

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 1

HAHA it looks like it ate 12 pots of Ramen. So bloated O.M.G

*squeezes the underwater preciousness*

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 3

 Uee killed us all when she and the ramen eating blowfish did aegyo together!

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 4

Even on the fishing boat people couldn't help but to fan out over KHJ. Seriously he couldn't even just sit there without stirring up emotions. He did look super hot, and he forced me to tweet this...


So meanwhile on land, Yoon Si Yoon, Yoon Se Yoon, Eunhyuk, and Jong Shin were roaming around like a group of homeless runaways with signs asking for cyclo passengers.

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 8

I was laughing so hard during this whole Cyclo madness! Who would have thought Yoonie had such a vicious little attitude! But seriously, that dude was too heavy to be going for a cyclo ride. I was like "No. Stop it, get off. It's too hot for Yoonie to deal with you. Leave sir."

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 11

Barefoot Friends Yoonie

Yoonie tweet

I'm convinced Eunhyuk would have needed medical attention if he had to do just one more block on that cyclo!

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 12

The randomness...

Barefoot yogurt


Even Yoonie had the facial expression and body language of "Umm why in a bag though?"

So happy the two of us are on the same page. #Soulmates

Yoonie and Yogurt

But apparently liquids in plastic bags is an EPIC idea which is why Eunhyuk and Jong Shin decided to do this...

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 16

Whatever, I'd buy anything Eunhyuk is selling, but since we're on the topic of liquids; UMMM what is this!? Someone comment and tell me and Sara what that dirty looking water is because according to Kang Ho Dong, it's just "Ice Water." (-_-)

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 6

Sara Ice water

Kim Hyun Joong was 100% out of control in this episode and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!


Yes Sophie he did! He wouldn't stop talking about how useful his body was, and I was just sitting here laughing because it sounded so wrong!! I followed up my lack of maturity by taking screenshots of KHJ wearing just a beater and shorts. Swear to the Jade Emperor I'm doing nothing wrong, it's in the show, and I have to post these photos for you. It is my job after all. (-_-)

Barefoot Friends Ep 18

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 20

KHJ's arms YES! But remember Sloth from 'The Goonies!?" (TROLLololol)

Sloth and Kang Ho Dong


Barefoot Friends Ep 2 19

Kang Ho Dong went on to pimp out KHJ to cute ajumma's so the group could earn a meal, but the best part was the two of them in the car. I know KHJ has a special type of personality, but that conversation was totally super star status! Cookies, rivers, and then the Ohara was just totally amazing.

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 13

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 22

F.Y.I Yoon Si Yoon in a hat looking like a suffering student is EVERYTHING!!!

Barefoot Friends Ep 2 17

Episode 2 was hilarious and if you didn't see it yet then... um you have homework!

What was your favorite moment of episode two?

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