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Introducing...our second ever Drama Club for the Korean variety show Barefoot FriendsIn this installment we have three more awesome bloggers from around the world chiming in for a weekly  three part response that will be separated into:  The Lowdown--recaplet The Throwdown--discussion over the episode The Scorecard--where Drama Club talks about their faves, and who they think the winner was It's gonna be epic! Please welcome: Stephanie from Crazy for Kdramakfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict, and Cherry from Cherry Cordial. These responses may contain spoilers, so you might want to watch the episode first. Also Stephanie has written an introduction to the cast of Barefoot Friends so feel free to familiarize yourself first! Enjoy! –Aileen ----------

Ep 2 Lowdown

Hi Guys! Cherry Cordial, kfangurl and I split our series into three posts. The Lowdown, a recaplet, The Throwdown, a discussion, and The Scorecard. Hope you enjoy!

Part 1 Team “Isn’t Kim Hyun-joong Cute?” — Stephanie

Team Mui Ne makes their way to the fishing grounds and we realize, Deadliest Catch this ain’t. Between playing with crabs, talk of rice noodles, and marveling over Hyun-joong’s beauty, they gather their meager catch.


Off to market with Bum-soo protecting the bucket ‘more carefully than his nephew’ the group dream about food they can’t yet afford.

Ho-dong claims he was ‘born in a market’ so he gives out sales tips, instructing, if all else fails, to let customers pay what they think’s fair. Soon crowds of people clamor to buy.

BFF EP2 10

Money in pocket, the team heads to find the Pho they’ve been dreaming of. Unfortunately, despite Ho-dong’s Korean shouting and Hyun-joong’s pantomimes, they’re denied again.

Next Job? Cooking! Unable to talk down the cost of supplies, Hyun-joong is sent in to pout-wiggle their way to a discount.

BFF EP2 16

At the stand, Dong-ho is slapped for being irritating and Hyun-joong captures another heart. Easily the team makes wads of cash.

Bellies full, they reflect on how this experience made them more grateful for their own lives. Awww...

Part 2 Team Hue and the Cola Boys — kfangurl

Lowdown Hue 1

Over at Team Hue, the boys trudge a long time in 40C (104F!) heat before snagging a cheeky American tourist as their first customer (yay!)

A round of camaraderie later (Eunhyuk: “I like Texas! I love Texas hot dog!” Ha!), Se-yoon gets picked for the coveted job through a round of blindfold eenie-meenie-moe (cute!).

The other boys soon get customers, and Si-yoon scores the largest guy (“I'm heavy!”). What follows is a long, tough ride, as the boys each chant a different motivational mantra:

Eunhyuk: “100,000 dong.. 100,000 dong..” Si-yoon: “YEAAARRRGH!! I'm strong!.. I'm strong!..”

Lowdown Hue 2

It's hysterical, yet, as they push through on sheer grit, it's touching just how hard they're working. I love their reflective, almost teary mood when they finally receive their hard-won earnings.

Jong-shin: “This is the most valuable 5000 won I have ever made in my life.” Aw.

Lowdown Hue 3

Later, Jong-shin and Eunhyuk have an entrepreneurial brainwave and decide to sell cola in ready-to-drink baggies.

Eunhyuk's Super Junior fame finally starts working for him, and streams of excited fangirls eagerly snap up the colas.

Lowdown Hue 4

The boys promptly spend all their money on food - and then can’t balance their books that night. Ha!

Part 3 Abbott and Costello — Cherry Cordial

Both teams are given backpacks with video cameras in them and instructions to take pictures of Vietnam’s best smile.

BFF EP2 23

They’re not quite sure what that means, but they settle in for a good night’s sleep, ready to figure it out in the morning.

When Team Mui Ne wakes up, they’re divided into groups of two for the new mission, and after everyone says their tearful goodbyes to the host family, we head off with Ho-dong and Hyun-joong.

Stopping to eat rice noodles, Ho-dong seriously freaks out the locals when he screams “it’s delicious!” at the top of his lungs.

Afterwards, they pass a hairdresser’s where Hyun-joong is recognized, and he ends up washing a customer’s hair to get her smile for their video.

BFF EP2 32

Once back in the van, they start up a conversation about rivers that could have been an Abbott and Costello routine, except they’re both the dumb one.

And finally, they’re at their destination, White Sands, which Hyun-joong incorrectly translates as “White Cookie” as Ho-dong cracks up.

BFF EP2 34

We end with them running, then slowly limping, across the dunes toward a group of people faaarrr in the distance.

BFF EP2 37

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