Ep 2 Scorecard

MVP Award Cherry Cordial: The question is, should MVP be the one that contributed the most? Or the most entertaining? Si-yoon has to be up there. Stephanie: I say most entertaining. As this is an entertainment program.

BFF EP2 40

kfangurl: I'm leaning Si-yoon. Stephanie: I would say Si-yoon for last episode, but this one? I vote Hyun-joong. His pout-wiggle to get them the lower price? kfangurl: Hyun-joong had the moves and the popularity working for him. CC: That was comedy gold! And he washed that customer's hair. Stephanie: Then the lady only letting him help? kfangurl: And the handsome face.. CC: Then the Abbott and Costello bit at the end with Ho-dong?

BFF EP2 35

CC: But Si-yoon, was sooo cute with his "I'm a strong man." He worked hard for that customer. kfangurl: Right?!? “YEAAARRRGH!! I'm strong! I'm strong!" Stephanie: LAUGH But that was pretty much all he did. CC: He was also the first one searching out customers almost every time. kfangurl: I guess I'm leaning Si-yoon coz he was MVP for his team, and his team had it SO much harder. CC: I know, not as entertaining, but he's a hard worker. <whines> kfangurl: And he's the one who connects best with the customers. “USA! I LOVE USA!” “TEXAS? I LOVE TEXAS!” Stephanie: But Hyun-joong KILLED this episode. In every bit he was funny. And he was in a lot. kfangurl: He did do a lot for his team, even if he was riding on his pretty face and charm. That got them pretty far, I hafta admit. CC: I know, that end bit with Hyun-joong really worked in his favor. Stephanie: He washed someone's hair! Come on! kfangurl: But that wasn't doing a whole lot — just being charming, whereas Si-yoon had to work his ass off.

BFF EP2 14

Stephanie: Pout-wiggle? kfangurl: HA! CC: Yeah, I loved that comment Hyun-joong made at the end when he saw how far they had to walk in the sand. kfangurl: True. I loved the reflective bits this episode. Stephanie: I would totally give you Si-yoon if it were last episode. TOTALLY. But this time? And when Hyun-joong was talking about how he learned to be grateful for what he had? And how he usually thinks he's unhappy? So sweet. CC: That made me sad. That's he's unhappy. I'll admit if it were the first half, I wouldn't consider Hyun-joong, but by the end? He was totally an MVP. Stephanie: DING DONG! kfangurl: I guess we have our winner then. CC: I'm sorry Si-yoon! I'd be on your team any day, I promise.

BFF EP2 19

Favorite Quote kfangurl: It’s gotta be Si Yoon’s guttural mantra, “YEEARRGH!! I'm strong!.. I'm strong!..” and then panting in Korean, “You said you only ate fruits for lunch!!!” HA!* Stephanie: My insides went all mushy when Hyun-joong said this: The meaning of ordinary life, as celebrities, you must have thought the same as me. "If I weren't a celebrity, If I had an ordinary life, I wouldn't have been depressed." Probably all of you thought that. But I realized today living an ordinary life is the hardest to do. From this trip I realized I am really blessed. I'm doing what I wanted to do. But I always thought I was unhappy. I scolded myself for that today. It might have been more moving if I hadn’t been chanting for him to take his shirt off... Cherry Cordial: You gotta love the editorial comment when Hyun-joong was bit by the crab, “It must be female since it bit Hyun-joong!” Favorite Screenshot kfangurl: This was a tough pick, but I really like Hyun-joong’s desperate rice noodle mime. Too funny!

BFF EP2 41

Stephanie: So many fun ones to choose from—but I keep coming back here:

BFF EP2 12

Cherry Cordial: Mine’s gotta be the pout-wiggle Hyun-joong did. That just cracked me up, and he was so good at it!

BFF EP2 16

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