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kfangurl: I found this episode more entertaining than the last episode, honestly. I felt more engaged.

Cherry Cordial: I'll have to admit I did too, but I think they're still finding their rhythm.

Stephanie: I actually laughed harder than a good Running Man episode.

CC: I started watching this for Si-yoon and Uee, but I like most of the guys so far. Even Loud Ahjussi, although he annoyed me at the beginning.


kfangurl: Ho-dong's a force in variety and often takes the lead. I'm used to him from 1N2D so I wasn't annoyed.

Stephanie: In the first episode I liked him since it was awkward and they needed someone to make conversation, but now? Let the others have a turn.

kfangurl: Aw, he's like a loud teddy bear; he totally means well.

CC: I think he takes a little getting used to, but he's growing on me. I'm glad Eunhyuk finally got to use his popularity. I was getting sad for him.

Stephanie: LAUGH. That was such a big joke how he kept getting shot down last episode! I can’t believe they pulled out the Sorry-sorry!


kfangurl: On another note, I'm concerned about the imbalance in team task difficulties... I hope this doesn't become an on-going thing.

CC: That bugged me too. I hope it wasn't because Uee was on that team.

Stephanie: That's sad - and I hope, not true. Ji-hyo would never stand for that.

CC: I love Ji-hyo!

kfangurl: I like Uee, but I just can't see her on a cyclo.

CC: I like Uee too. I want to see her do well, so I hope they give her some challenges.

Stephanie: She came out of her shell a little bit today, which was nice.

CC: I so loved Si-yoon and his “I'M A STRONG MAN” comments!

kfangurl: “YEEAARRRRGH!!” Not only his guttural roars, but how often he had to make them!

Stephanie: Though I felt bad for the guy in the chair..


kfangurl: Si-yoon’s such a trooper. He’s coming out strong even though he’s the variety rookie.

Stephanie: I like the personality he's gone with. Don't they kind of choose a persona in variety? As stars do they hold part of themselves back?

CC: I think their personality is at the root of what they present, just embellished.

kfangurl: Under those conditions, where you're exhausted, hungry and under time and task pressure, I tend to think you're gonna get fairly real pretty fast.

Stephanie: I mean, we've seen Si-yoon elsewhere, and he's not as peppy. I just get the feeling he decided to be this way. Like shades of Enrique.

CC: You think he's channeling Enrique?

Stephanie: I do!

kfangurl: Or was Enrique channeling him? Hmmmm..?


Stephanie: It makes me sad because I can no longer have inappropriate thoughts about him. He's just too cute.

CC: Yeah, I still love him, but in a little brother sort of way.

Stephanie: Exactly. I didn’t need to see how young he is.

CC: But you did, and you can't unsee it now.

Stephanie: NO. Mother Trucker. So, one more thing to wedge in. I liked team fishing. I loved how they keep poking at Hyun-joong for being so pretty, but my favorite part? Until the pancakes at the end? There were no crowds. I could pretend no one knew who they were.


CC: I know what you mean. I was almost surprised at the end when the hairdresser recognized Hyun-joong.

Stephanie: Now that was the best smile in Vietnam.

kfangurl: We don't know whose hair he'll wash next episode, so the jury's still out on that one!

Stephanie: To the next episode!

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