Barefoot Friends Episode 3: The Lowdown (1/3) E3 Lowdown Hello there! We’re back again for another fun round of Barefoot Friends posts. Hope you all enjoy reading them as much as we do writing them!

Part 1 Finishing Up the Smile Mission — Cherry Cordial

Both teams are given backpacks with video cameras in them and... wait, I’m feeling a little déjà vu here. Sure enough, the first five minutes are pretty much a quick replay of the end of last week’s episode, so we’ll fast forward to... Ho-dong and Hyun-joong very slowly sledding down a sand dune and wearing themselves out walking back up, all to get a smile from the guy that rented the sleds. CC-BFF E3 01 Next, Team Hue says goodbye to their host family, and we head off with Si-yoon and Se-yoon as they decide that Se-yoon’s BB cream is too white.

Si-yoon: “It’s OK because you’re handsome.”

They end up at a food market where they cheer up a grumpy halmoni by sharing food and singing a cute song. CC-BFF E3 08 That works so well, they take their song to the streets to record some group smiles. Then over to Jong-shin and Eunhyuk as they eat temple food with the monks and trainees. CC-BFF E3 16 Finally, we close this section with a montage showing the rest of the teams getting their smiles. CC-BFF E3 17

Part 2 The Reunion — kfangurl

That night, both teams finally meet again in Ho Chi Minh. KFG-BFF E3 60 As Team Mui Ne heads to the meeting point, they wonder how the other team has fared.

Bum-soo: “I missed everyone so much!” Hyun-joong: “I wonder how tanned they are.”

KFG-BFF E3 61 The teams greet each other with hugs and smiles, then settle down for a round of catch up. They go several rounds of “We had it this tough!”... “Nah, they didn't suffer much..” Si-yoon even tears up recounting how hard it was to ride the cyclos (aw...), but Team Mui Ne is unimpressed. KFG-BFF E3 62 The turning point only comes when Team Hue brings out the big guns. Jong-shin discloses, “Si-yoon went in the bathroom and screamed, 'Aghh!'” ... “You would scream in a bathroom too, after riding a cyclo for six hours.” Stumped, Team Mui Ne can only respond thusly:

Ho-dong: “Our strength is not our brain, but our body. We can't form long conversations.”

This, after being the one to start the conversation? Heh. With their upper hand established, Team Hue continues to rib Team Mui Ne, and everyone cracks up. KFG-BFF E3 63 With no other out, Team Mui Ne goes back to their defence: “Our strength is our body!” Pffft. Right.

Part 3 Harlem Shake—or the dance that would not end. — Stephanie

Our reunited crew is given their final task: have fun with the Vietnamese. Bum-soo suggests they bust out a killer flash mob to the song Harlem Shake. We learned most of the cast didn’t know 1) Harlem Shake or 2) what a flash mob is. SK-BFF E3 01 After Hyun-joong describes what he thinks a flash mob is, Si-yoon steps in and schools the group on the actual definition. Having worked into the wee hours, the cast wake up on performance day ready to… practice some more. (Is it creepy that I love seeing the stars sleep?) SK-BFF E3 06 Uee takes the lead dancing again and again and is dubbed “the morning wake up call.” It’s off to round up an audience. Will they find them in a park? Nope. Will they find them on the street? Uh-uh. Will they find them in a school? YES! (I couldn’t help but think it would have been easier to find an audience if they’d said Hyun-joong and Eunhyuk would be there.) SK-BFF E3 13 I was afraid with seeing so much practice I’d be bored, but with all the individual performances, it was a blast! Eunhyuk inspired the troops, and the crowd proved, once and for all, that he is indeed hugely popular. SK-Dance

So — how long did you have Harlem Shake stuck in your head after watching this episode?

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